Creative Arts Events and Services Delivered With Dedication, Passion and Integrity.

Empowering And Nurturing Self Expression Through The Arts.

“Artistic Genius”
~ C Campbell Ex-CEO The Junction Works

The Mermaid Warrior Difference

Mermaid Warrior Productions is a creative arts event and services business with over 10+ years of experience empowering people with disabilities and mental health and people in general to unleash themselves through music, dance, drama, film, photography, and songwriting.

The Creative arts is a great platform to engage anyone and the Mermaid Warrior Productions team are experts in creating a safe, fun  space to make that happen.

What To Expect

Timely Delivery

We deliver professional performances on time with no exceptions and have been since 2010. Our results speak for themselves.


We know the importance of creating a safe space and having clear goals and intentions so that everyone is moving in the same direction.

Skills & Passion

The performing arts It's who we are at our heart. Every person involved with the Mermaid Warrior Productions is hand picked for their skill but their passion.

Leadership & Management

For over ten years Mermaid Warrior Productions has led more than 80 crews and performers, to deliver over 30 professional shows.

Our Values


Integrity is at the heart of Mermaid Warrior Productions and having delivered over 30 shows and 10 festivals on time they know what it takes.


Being professional is important to Mermaid Warrior productions especially when it comes to making a difference to your people.


Honesty is the heart of Mermaid Warrior Productions and being honest about what can and can’t be done every step of the way.

Our Mission

Mermaid Warrior Productions exists to empower and nurture self-expression through the creative arts. We exist to leave our clients and their participants’ eyes sparkle with delight.

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